Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction II

I am one of those people who have always really like the home arts.  As a kid, I spent hours rug hooking  or cross stitching pictures of cats.  I vividly remember the proud moment in sixth grade when I completed my semester art project: a pillow shaped like a hamburger.  In high school, I was that geek who gleefully signed up to spend three solid months sewing a quilt and matching pillow in home-ec.

Despite all my passion for it and despite all the hours I have sunk into learning how to do it, I still suck at sewing.  And by suck, I mean that I am so bad that, more often than not, my attempt at repairing something only renders that something worse off.  Once, while trying to fix a shirt cuff, I sewed close the entire sleeve.  On more than one occasion, I have sewn the shirt I was working on to the pants I was wearing at the time.  

A little while ago a large-ish hole (about 1/2 an inch long) opened up in the left armpit of my favorite dress.  Although, this normally spells doom to a piece of clothing in my household, I loved this dress so much that I pulled out the needle and thread and set to placing nearly thirty stitches over the hole.  Although the stitches were rough and uneven, I felt confident that at least the integrity of the dress was salvaged.  

Last week, I wore the dress to work.  As I got out of my car and reached for my computer bag, I heard the distinctive and rather loud sound of cotton ripping.  I winced and hoped, perhaps naively, that only one or two of the thirty stitches had burst.  I glanced under my left arm and saw what can only be described as full armpit ventilation.

For a few minutes, I stood by my car wondering whether I should go home and change or go through the day hiding my exposed armpit from my co-workers.  With a heavy sigh, I walked into the office and spent the rest of my day with my left arm rigidly clamped against my body.

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