Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Moments in Photography III

I once had a boyfriend who insisted on keeping at least 3 pairs of ratty sweatpants in his closet because, as he liked to say, "You never know when you might need them for painting."  At the time, I laughed at this.  First of all, I'd point out, as a lawyer, you're not often ambushed by a rush painting job in the course of business.  Second, even if the improbable emergency painting situation arises, ratty sweatpants are not your only clothing option.  You don't need to stock up.  He shook his head at me --  I could see the words forming in his mind, "One day you'll see."

Well, that day came.  Last week, I joined some of my co-workers on a volunteer project to paint the gym at the local Boys & Girls Club.  As I did not have ratty sweatpants on hand for the occasion, I wore some old skinny jeans.  Jeans, as it turns out, is a bad choice for painting.  Because painting involves a lot of bending down and squatting, one benefits from an elastic waistband that clings snugly to your waist.  Jeans, on the other hand, pull down to an unseemly degree. 

Below is a photo that the volunteer coordinator snapped of me and my co-workers busily working away.  Notice the butt crack. 

It's hard not to die a little inside, knowing that I spent my day with my coin slot hanging out for the world to see and that this photo has since circulated to 50 of my co-workers.


  1. Maybe my eyes are tired today, but I didn't notice the butt crack in the zoomed-in pic b/c I was too distracted by what looks like a very large piercing hanging from your butt.

  2. I have no idea what that is!

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