Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A little while ago, I was washing my pan in the kitchen sink.

And I slashed the back of my hand open with the rim of the pan.

I then spent the next ten minutes one-handedly ransacking my house, looking for some clean gauze.  There are now several drops of blood trailed around the house -- on the kitchen counter top, on my dining room table, on my futon, in the hallway closet...   Luckily, the bleeding stopped a few minutes later.  I'm pretty sure, though, this is going to leave a pretty ugly scar.

Of all the ways a frying pan can injure a person, I didn't thinking slicing through your own skin to the fatty tissue was a possibility.  Did you?  I suppose I can call this moron tax (forgive me) cutting edge.

* Update Post here.


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