Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When You Can't Take Enough Showers

This picture (above) captures the Dermacentor Variabilis, also known as the American Dog Tick. A couple of minutes ago, I pulled this one from my scalp. This is particularly disturbing because I had pulled another one from my scalp about four hours earlier. Who knows how many more of these insects might be crawling around in my hair right now. I am planning to spend the next hour in my shower.

Since I don't know how these ticks got onto my head or what I did to attract them, I admit this may not qualify as moron tax. This incident is so disgusting, however, I figure it is still worth mentioning.

You can see how lightening quick these buggers move in the video (embedded below).


  1. OMG, this gives me the heeby jeebies! I think you need a special lotion and comb to get these suckers under control, no?

  2. The special lotion and comb is for fleas and lice. For these suckers you're supposed to pull them out individually. I took a long exploratory shower yesterday and have determined that I don't have any other ticks on my head.