Wednesday, April 15, 2009


On April 1st, Dave (my manager), orchestrated an elaborate prank on me by organizing all my co-workers to gossip that our entire department was being consolidated with the home office. Being the only one in the office not to know this was an outright lie -- and given the current economic conditions -- I actually fell for this outrageous hoax. To the great amusement of my coworkers, I spent my whole day chatting, worrying, speculating, and planning for a move that was never going to happen. This was time spent and lost on being a moron.

On April 3rd, I plotted and executed my revenge.

Although not an obvious case, I've concluded this definitely counts as moron tax. I felt like I had to do something to avenge all my moron time wasted on April 1st. Also, I actually put my hands into toilet water. This was clearly not the actions of a mature adult.

So we've come to a rule of moron tax: If your attempt to redress a moronic act leads you to do an act equally or more moronic, both the first moronic act and the subsequent moronic act qualifies as moron tax.


  1. Remind me never to cross you!

  2. Hmm. Leaves me wanting more. Should have scraped that crust off the bowl and sprinkled it in his mug.

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  4. 1) why is this the first time i'm hearing/seeing this video?

    2) i would have puked when i saw the happy trail of pooh in the toilet and then puked again from seeing my own puke.

    3) yes, it's moronic, but that's what i love about you.