Friday, October 22, 2010

Update Post

As I mentioned in an earlier post, as I am moving into middle age, I have started using my breasts for personal shelf space.  Most of the time, I manage to keep this unsightly habit within the four walls of my own home where only dog can feel embarrassed by me.  Unfortunately, it is only most of the time.

A few days ago I wore a short-sleeved t-shirt to work.  In the early part of the day, I got a little chilly so I brought a cup of hot tea from the kitchen back to my desk.  The mug of hot tea felt so warm and soothing in my hand that, as I often do at home, I rested the bottom of the cup on my bosom to warm my chest.  Because the heat was not penetrating enough, I lifted up the collar of my shirt so that I could nestle the cup directly against my skin.  I sat like this over my desk until someone jarred me out of my small moment of bliss.  "Wendy," a voice said with a barely-suppressed laugh, "I'm so glad that you feel so comfortable with us."

Ah yes, I had forgotten the matter of coworkers.  At work, I sit in an open-style cubicle surrounded by at least four to five co-workers.  Two of them were now staring at me from their desks, eyeing the mug tucked down my shirt.   I know at least one of them was noting to herself, "Remember never to use that mug."

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