Monday, November 23, 2009

The Moron Tax of Interior Design

Like most people, I keep my essential toiletries and various medicines in the bathroom cabinet.  This alone is not silly since, after all, that's what medicine cabinets are for.  In my house, however, the bathroom cabinet is installed directly over the toilet.  This arrangement breeds moron tax.  For, when you dangle your personal cleaning implements above a thing that regularly collects poo, you cannot trust fate to pass up the easy joke.

This is a list of the many things that have fallen into the toilet from my medicine cabinet:

Various Pills and Vitamins
Facial Moisturizer

To add insult to injury, each time the unlucky item tumbles from my hand and plops into the toilet, it usually sends a few drops of cold and unholy water out of the bowl and onto my leg.  The item also invariably then sinks into the deepest part of the toilet bowl where, more often than not, there is still some kind of unfortunate residue.

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